How Do Affiliate Programs Work?: A Basic Explanation
Posted on: October 10, 2014, by : Affiliate Program

The affiliate marketing programs are responsible for a significant portion of the millions of dollars transacted on e-commerce around the world. It is an extremely effective strategy for web-marketing, which spread from the launch of the affiliate program company and today carries several different names that can help people make money automatically, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

How do affiliate marketing programs work?

The logic of running an affiliate program is very simple: the affiliate shows a visitor to the merchant’s website. If that visitor makes a purchase, a commission is credited to the account of the affiliate as payment for the indication. A software installed adjacent to the shopping cart is responsible for tracking the affiliate who made the nomination, by the calculation of commissions due and generating reports for both the merchant as to the affiliate. The tracking is based on “cookies” that are installed on the machine visitor so he clicks on links directing to the virtual store.

Advantages of affiliate programs to the Merchant

Brand: The implementation of an affiliate program enables greater brand exposure generating greater trust from potential customers.

Range: The affiliate programs allow an expansion in the market achieved, insofar as the disclosure that hardly reaches niche would be exploited for other marketing strategies.

Best Cost / Benefit: Payment of commissions to affiliates only occurs if the sale is affected and generates revenue.

Advantages of affiliate programs for the Affiliate

0 Cost: Anyone who has a website with a good number of hits can generate revenue without any investment in infrastructure and commerce, such as shopping cart software, security certifications, interfaces with banks and operators cards, sending goods … among others. All this is the responsibility of the merchant

Minimum Effort: The only work the taper is put into your website links that direct to the merchant’s website. The links in plain text format or banners are provided by the merchant.

Multiple Trading Partners: The affiliate can have more than one supplier and generate further revenue from partners that traders do not offer competing products.check more information at

Start the affiliate marketing programs this way!

Purchasing management software – The first step, which is still the most difficult, is the acquisition and implementation of management software. It can also be developed internally, or alternatively use a service provider to offer this software.

Set the payment system – The system of commission payments to affiliates is the most used of a percentage on the value of each sale made, paid within a certain period, monthly or bimonthly. Also stipulates a minimum value for the payment so that it is not necessary to make payments of very small amounts. If the minimum is not reached credit is transferred to the following month until the amount established.This website release more detailed information.


Prepare the site – Include pages of guidance on the affiliate program, attendance will doubt, an adhesion contract to the program, registration form, links and banners for download by the affiliate.

Disclose and registered affiliatesSearch partner sites that preferably have visitors similar to the consumer of the product offered by the merchant profile.

Manage the affiliate program – is crucial to make a constant assessment of their affiliate programs in terms of evolution in the number of affiliates, sales performance, more efficient banners, answering the questions of motivation and communication to affiliates, in addition to the timely payment of commissions due.

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